Assistant Managers assist the Store Manager (SMs) who is responsible for the overall health of their facility and the satisfaction of customers and tenants. Assistant Managers need to be sales oriented and outgoing, and have a focus on customer service with the goal of developing long-term and repeat tenants while maintaining a high standard of compliance with all company policies and procedures. All employees are expected to have strong sales and communication skills and have the ability to work as a team and individually. Assistant Managers are responsible for helping the stores maximize occupancy, minimize delinquencies, maintaining facility appearance and cleanliness to company standards. This position can require the employee to travel to various locations and assist multiple SMs. The Assistant Managers will be required to follow instructions and take direction given to them form their Store Managers and Regional Managers.

Main Duties:

• Help lease units and sell products to customers and tenants. Exhibit good sales skills, and follow-up skills for all sales leads. Prepare Lease Agreements as per policy. Effectively up sell and create add-on sales of approved products to tenants and customers.

• Apply appropriate and approved discounts and other sales incentive plans in strict accordance to policy

• Accurately assess tenant’s needs by actively listening to the customer and determine the correct product(s) to fill that need. Engage in suggestive selling of products, and be completely familiar of the features and benefits of every product offered for sale by the company

• Help merchandise the sales office in an effective and appropriate manner. Strive for all aspects of the physical presence of the sales office to be kept in a fashion that supports the sales mission.

• Approve rental of self storage units and ensure that terms of the lease agreement are fully explained and adhered to by tenants.

• Collect all fees and payments due to the company as per policy

• Perform collection calls on past due accounts.

• Perform follow up calls received from the Reservation Manager.

• Clean and generally maintain the interior and exterior of all buildings and their surrounding grounds.

• Ensure that security and safety measures are in place and functioning efficiently. Monitor site activity to ensure compliance with all company regulations.

• Help prepare daily, weekly and monthly documents for review by RMs for audit and review as per policy upon request

• Follow all company policies and procedures.

• Read relevant company mail (memo’s, letters, reports, etc.).

• Maintain a professional courteous manner with all customers, vendors, contractors, and fellow employees.

• Ensure compliance of all work related activities in a fair, ethical and consistent Manner.

• Follow established company policies and those outlined in the Employee Handbook.

• Help ensure timely completion of bank deposits and other reports.

• Attend off-site meetings, training sessions and/or seminars as required.

• Help the SMs maintain a complete understanding of all competition within a 5 mile or 10 km radius to more accurately address customer objections and to help RMs in their decision making process.

• Other duties as assigned.

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