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Cultivation Associate Full-Time

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Cultivation related responsibilities include the harvesting and trimming of all plants; actively participating and coordinating in cultivation, which includes crop production and harvest plans for indoor, outdoor and greenhouse facilities; assisting with nutrient, irrigation, pest control, harvest and other crop specific production practices, all
while maintaining a safe work environment. Work may also include proper manicuring of product while ensuring the quality of finished product meets expected standards, and the Associate is also responsible for continuing education on new cultivation and product finishing standards
EXAMPLE OF DUTIES: (This list may not include all of the duties assigned.)
1. Inspect product for mould, fungus, disease, bugs or other abnormalities and report to manager.
2. Participate and follow inventory forecast and control practices and assist with inventory
audits/reconciliation for all inventory and materials to include, supplies, plants, process product,
equipment, etc.
3. Responsible and accountable for tight quality control through every phase of production.
4. Frequently maintain cleanliness and sanitization of all work areas, including nurseries and
storage areas.
5. Store and transport product in designated areas.
6. Maintain safe and healthy work environment by following OSHA regulations, organization
standards and legal regulations.
7. Maintain a positive work environment conducive to trust and respect.
8. Maintain strictest confidentiality in compliance with HIPAA guidelines and general policy.
9. Perform other related work as required.
Cultivation related duties:
10. Maintain set quality control on plants/product and assist with immature plant propagation.
11. Assist with execution of production and harvest plans to include drying and curing activity specific to harvest.
12. Ensure proper care of product through trimming, curing, packaging, watering, feeding, monitoring environment, etc., as needed.
13. Assist with and follow crop production plan to include an integrated pest management system (IPM).
14. Consistently trim product to standard.
15. Develop proficiency and follow safety practices with the operation of equipment, fertigation
systems, environmental controls, water distribution system, security system, etc., which includes performing preventative maintenance tasks, troubleshooting malfunctions and assisting with repairs.
16. Ongoing education on medicine and proper cultivating standards.
Assembly related duties:
17. Complete daily tasks from a project list.
18. Fulfil orders as defined by Bulk Processing Sheets (BPS) and labels.
19. Assemble pre-weighed product.
20. Verify weights of all assemblies are accurate within predefined variance.
21. Label containers and assemble packaging with sticker and bar code labels.
22. Manufacture pre-rolls, which includes grinding, filling packaging and labelling of units, and maintain appropriate stock levels of the pre-rolls.
23. Clean and sanitize weigh station area multiple times a day

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