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Job Summary

The Cultivation Technician will execute best practices and operational protocols and procedures as directed by the supervisor and team lead.

  • Must have a strong work ethic and foster an environment of trust and respect;
  • Interacts in an effective and positive manner;
  • Provides hands-on support, assigns daily tasks, monitors output, and communicates changes;
  • Utilizes proper protective equipment and have a safe work environment;
  • Follows company policies, practices, and safety programs; advises supervisor of policy violations;
  • Keeps work area organized and clean to prevent safety hazards;
  • Delivers results.

Responsibilities and Duties

  • Daily plant care: plant maintenance, cloning, transplanting, and nutrient management, pursuant to policies and procedures set by upper management;
  • Ensure best practices are always being used;
  • Working with the supervisor to ensure operations are running smoothly;
  • Being forward thinking and taking pride and ownership in the project to create the ideal work environment;
  • Must focus on safety and housekeeping;
  • Other duties as assigned.

Qualifications and Skills

  • * Experience working in an agricultural environment;
  • Ability to take direction and complete assigned tasks;
  • Perform best practices as instructed by leads and supervisor.
  • Ability to lift 40 pounds;
  • Able to walk, bend, kneel, sit and/or stand for duration the shift, as needed.

Certificates and Licenses

  • Must be at least twenty-one (21) years of age at the time of applying to this job.

Equipment and Materials

Must be able to operate and train team members to operate necessary equipment including, but not limited to, the following:

  • Soil delivery machine,
  • Pot filling machine,
  • Nutrient delivery systems,
  • Watering systems,
  • Pest Management protocols and equipment,
  • Automated lighting,
  • Environmental controls and greenhouse mechanics,
  • All-Terrain Vehicles (ATV's),
  • Harvesting equipment,
  • Plant management equipment,
  • Security equipment.

Job Type: Full-time

How to apply

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