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Job Title:Dispensary ManagerJobClassificationFLSA-ExemptCompany:Compassionate Care Research Institute, Inc.Job Code/Req #:N/ALocation:Newark, Delaware; automobile and valid drivers license required for regular travel to healthcare provider sites/physician offices.Position Type:Full-TimePhysical Demands:Ability to operate lab equipment and computers, sit for long periods of time, bend and stand as necessary, and lift up to 20 lbs. Job Description1) Oversee and perform all functions associated with management and oversight of a retail medical marijuana dispensary operating under licensure from the Delaware Department of Health and Social Services.2) Administer routine inspections to maintain the accurate inventory of all cannabis products.3) Manage and supervise the activities of dispensary staff (including patient counselors, dispensary technicians, schedulers, and receptionists), and make recommendations or decisions regarding hiring, discipline, termination, or advancement of employees.4) Train dispensary staff to ensure a consistent performance and knowledge base of company standard operating procedures, a comprehensive understanding of all marijuana and marijuana-infused or derived products being sold to patients, and best practices for dispensary personnel.5) Manage daily financial reporting requirements and oversee all cash handling procedures.6) Develop and maintain a schedule of all dispensary staff including receptionists, counselors, schedulers and dispensary technicians.7) Communicate any patient incidents or complaints to the General Manager or compliance team.8) Protect patient rights by overseeing the employee HIPAA education program and ensure each employee is maintaining the confidentiality and privacy of protected health information and financial information.9) Oversee patient education and counseling programs. Review and continuously revise information disseminated by the dispensary regarding debilitating conditions, their association with medical cannabis products, side effects, etc.10) Assist the General Manager with oversight of the retail, pharmacological research, and patient care and counseling aspects of the dispensary operations.11) Assist in formulation and implementation of the strategic plan to guide the dispensarys operation and expansion.12) Maintain awareness of both external and internal competitive landscape, opportunities for improvement, and industry development.13) Assist in ensuring the dispensarys compliance with all relevant statutes, regulations, and directives in all respects, as well as best practices.14) Strive for patient satisfaction in all respects and ensure a patient-friendly environment at the dispensary.15) Assist the Director of Pharmaceutical Chemistry with QA/QC program and procedures.16) Author, maintain, and continuously update standard operating procedures, as directed.17) Establish and oversee physician and provider outreach and education programs.18) Prepare and coordinate presentations and lectures to various audiences and oversee and author training curricula.19) Collaborate with the dispensarys scientific/medical team to conduct research in connection with the palliative and curative potential of cannabis and its constituent cannabinoid chemicals in order to enhance the pharmacological understanding and medicinal value of cannabis and its alleviative effects on symptoms and debilitating conditions.20) Collaborate with the dispensarys scientific/medical team to conduct research to enhance the understanding of how different patients or their debilitating illnesses interact with specific cannabis properties, brands, strains, dosages, potencies, and forms of delivery.21) Represent the dispensary before third parties, including acting as a spokesperson for the dispensary in addressing the press, trade journals, medical communities, dispensary personnel, and conduct tours.22) Such other functions as directed by management or the Board.Requirements:Registered pharmacist or registered nurse with State licensure or background in pharmacology or healthcare (doctorate/PharmD preferred but not required). Excellent oral and written communication skills, interpersonal skills, extraordinary attention to detail, computer skills, and proficiency in Microsoft Office are a must.Clinical or research experience and experience managing others are a plus. Equal Opportunity Employer. The employer is party to a collective bargaining agreement with the UFCW labor union. Although this management position is not part of the collective bargaining unit, management employees are offered UFCW medical, dental, and prescription benefits coverage and other benefits, including paid time off.

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