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processing for Cannabis & Crypto currency mining,
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Experienced Regional Manager $80,000+ Full-Time




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Major Canadian Cannabis company with 25 employees and products sold throughout Canada launching its products in California and the USA market.
Seeking a regional manager and ambassador to grow our brand and work closely with our marketing team around the world.
Works well unsupervised and is not a clock puncher
Can travel to Canada for training
Understands or will learn licensing and logistics for the California market
Cold calling and networking sales opportunities
Packaging and mail outs of our marketing materials to retail outlets
Setting up our Los Angeles office with computers and distribution facilities
Attend trade shows either by yourself or with an assistant that you will hire
Assemble a USA team in the future with the home base being in Los Angeles
This position is extremely important and is the equivalent of upper management in our company. Must be very well organized and and must be proficient towards the ultimate goal of the company to have our seeds in every legal state in the country. This is a labor intensive job that requires working late at night to meet deadlines in some cases as well as travel to shows across the country.
Compensation as follows:
80K year salary based on minimum weekly hours
Car allowance
Medical Benefits
(possibility of bonus compensation upon acquisitions or going public in the future)

How to apply

contact us!!!