Extraction Technician- Distillate Operator Full-Time

Shango Las Vegas

US Nevada Las Vegas


We are a prominent and well established cannabis company in Las Vegas Nevada, rapidly expanding, and looking for an Extraction Technician with superb acumen in the extraction of cannabis and the production of distillates.

Expected Duties -

  • Production of distillate via Short Path Still.
  • Assist with BHO closed loop extraction, and other general Extraction duties as needed.
  • Maintain a safe and clean lab environment.
  • Maintenance of Distillation equipment including electronic stirrers, Heating Mantels, vacuum pumps, heaters, chillers, cold traps.
  • Ordering supplies pertinent to the extraction department, and submitting PO's as necessary.
  • Accurate record keeping and batching for all extracts produced, or processed.
  • Coordinate, and communicate with sales staff and management, to ensure a steady flow of product.
  • Follow protocols and maintain the standards as required for the company and regulations.

Applicant Requirements-

  • Demonstrable experience with Short Path distillation, or equatable chemistry knowledge; Must be able to produce a body of work including references and work history, and/or produce transcripts for Undergraduate-Graduate Chemistry from an accredited source.
  • Demonstrable experience with Rotary Evaporation.
  • Ability to accurately measure and track weight, viscosity, and temperatures.
  • Use of basic Windows based operating system (PC), and it's functions.
  • A Team Player attitude and strong desire for success.
  • Must be over 21 (regulatory requirement).


  • Experience with Precision™ PX-1 or similar closed loop hydrocarbon systems.
  • Experience processing Trim, Bud, and/or Live Resin.
  • An understanding of the Nevada Medical Marijuana Program and the regulations of 453a, as it relates to extraction.
  • Understanding of Windows Office Suite and the basic functions of Outlook, Word, and Excel.
  • Experience with inventory management software, such as BiotrackTHC.

To apply, please send your resume and a cover letter summarizing your skills and experience that qualify you for the position along with a body of your work. References must be included .

Job Tags: butane extraction, closed loop, distillate, precision extraction, px1, rotovap, short path, shatter, badder, budder, vape.

*Apply for Salary Details

Job Type: Full-time

Required experience:

  • Lab and/or Commercial Extraction: 1 year
  • Chemistry and/or Short Path: 1 year

How to apply

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US Nevada Las Vegas