Urban Seed is seeking a dependable, passionate, and hardworking individual to fill the position of Head Grower for its first, one-of-a-kind Las Vegas facility. This person will have the unique opportunity to be part of a team that grows fruits and vegetables in a controlled, technologically advanced system, with the goal of changing the way the world is fed. Urban Seed promotes a positive environment for both its plants and its team members to grow and flourish.

The ideal candidate is an organized person with confidence in their growing abilities, a great feel for the health of the plants and experience in advising a highly productive and enthusiastic team of greenhouse management, growers and associated staff.

RESPONSIBILITIES include, but are not limited to:

  • Manage a technologically advanced hydroponic system, including sowing and transplanting, fertigation, greenhouse environment management, mechanization, sanitation, and general site management.
  • Manage integrated pest management, including preventative measures, monitoring, and treatment using organically-approved products and beneficial insects.
  • Supervise production programs developed by Director of Horticulture & Research and communicate progress and issues regularly.
  • Implement policies and procedures relating to technical, high-output growing operations.
  • Establish and maintain the required customer and regulatory certification.
  • Authoritatively provide technical growing expertise, advice, and direction to team members at all times.
  • Report labor needs to Director of Horticulture & Research and advise team members to complete tasks effectively.
  • Adhere to work safety standards in day-to-day operations.
  • Reports directly to Director of Horticulture & Research and COO.

OTHER CONDITIONS OF EMPLOYMENT include the ability to do the following:

  • Be focused and attentive to detail, with a flexible mentality.
  • Maintain confidentiality of privileged and sensitive information.
  • Ability to lift 25-50 pounds.
  • Ability to stand for a full 8-hour shift.
  • Be comfortable working in summer heat conditions.
  • Have a reliable form of transportation (car, train, bus, etc.).
  • Have open availability for various work schedules.
  • Provide necessary documentation for employment in the U.S.
  • Communicate effectively with all levels of management and staff.
  • Must not be allergic to bees.
  • May not use tobacco in any form. No e-cigarettes.


  • 3+ years’ experience working in a commercial greenhouse.
  • Supervisory experience required.
  • Experience with and knowledge of hydroponic systems, vegetable greenhouse production, plant nutrition management and/or IPM is preferred.
  • Agriculture/Horticulture Science qualification preferred.

Job Type: Full-time

Required experience:

  • Commercial Greenhouse: 3 years
  • Hydroponic: 1 year
  • Supervisor: 1 year

How to apply

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