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Your job in three simple sentences:

1. Customer satisfaction: You’re responsible for managing customer orders from initial creation until delivery in their warehouse and after the claim period.

2. Pipeline management: You own your customer accounts and prospecting activity, managing and maintaining all details associated with incoming leads, targeted prospects, existing customers, or referrals. You know the history of your customers in every way.

3. Problem solving: No matter the product, the order, or the issue – customers turn to you for help. Your role is key to ensuring that we meet, if not exceed, their business and marketing objectives by providing timely, knowledgeable, and scrappy solutions.

Tactical Work Listing

  • Work as an individual contributor in a collaborative team environment.
  • Familiarize yourself with our products and fulfillment processes inside out
  • Make outbound calls to potential and existing clients by telephone and email to qualify leads, perform needs assessments, explore solutions and recommend products and convert opportunities into sales.
  • Field inbound inquiries to qualify leads and convert opportunities into sales.
  • Continually build and contact a targeted list of prospects.
  • Manage sales pipeline activities to move prospects through the sales conversion process.
  • Keep current on cannabis news in order to better assist prospects with the best products and/or values to meet their needs.
  • Document and maintain all customer communication in
  • Build and maintain client relationships.
  • Actively seek referrals and introductions to networks of business owners.
  • Address concerns, doubts, and hesitation with prospects helping them to move forward.
  • Attend weekly sales meetings to discuss concerns and make suggestions.
  • Work with other sales team members when necessary to help them successfully close a sale.
  • Support internal departments with administrative tasks as needed.
  • Hold to the highest ethical standards and use business judgment to balance the needs of the client with the needs of the company.


Position Specific:

  • All emails or telephone calls will be returned within 1 business day and 2 hours whenever possible
  • Prospects and customers will be greeted with caring, professional, and highly responsive customer service.
  • All product, pricing and material information must be known inside out.
  • All customer communication will be thoroughly documented in to create a clear picture of every account.
  • Custom price quotes will be approved by in writing by sales manager.
  • Prospects will be vetted to ensure they are able to meet our financial commitments and have no ill will or ulterior motives for speaking with us.
  • Account applications and/or credit card authorizations will be collected from every customer.
  • All orders will be double-checked for accuracy prior to submission according to company procedures.
  • A standard Quark shipment notification email with the customer invoice and tracking information will be sent to the customer within 24 hours of the order pickup.
  • A minimum 30 customers will be called per day.
  • Customers will go no longer than 4 months without contact.


  • All emails or telephone calls will be returned within 1 business day and 2 hours whenever possible
  • All work will be performed according to company policies and standards inherent in all position agreements, system action plans, employee manuals, ongoing policy memoranda, and facilities and dress codes.
  • Client and company information will be held as strictly confidential outside the company.
  • Manager will be notified in an exception report of any issues to be resolved or deadlines that cannot be met by reporting person, prior to the due date.
  • All innovation will be quantified, tested, and improved, then documented for routine implementation (i.e. well orchestrated once proven).
  • Problems with any system must be brought to the attention of manager in an exception report so the system can be improved, within the structure of the operations manual.
  • All policy memoranda indicating changes in policy and/or procedure will be stored in each employee’s operations manual, until the time an updated procedure is provided.
  • Employees will provide staff assistance as requested; each employee may be asked from time to time to cover other areas of accountability and/or departments.
  • All business communications, whether verbal, visual, or written, whether for internal or external use, will be professional in tone and content and in accordance with applicable and existing company policies and standards.
  • Employees will respect each other’s time, space and need for concentration. Socializing and interruptions must not impede workflow.
  • Employees will have weekly, regularly-scheduled meetings with their manager.
  • Employees are encouraged to recommend ideas for the improvement of their department and position that are consistent with the company’s Strategic Objective.

Job Type: Full-time

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