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Job Summary

WSLCB is announcing an exciting and important opportunity for the position of IT Operations Manager (IT Systems/Applications Specialist 6). This position reports to the Chief Information Officer within the Information Technology Services Division and collaborates closely with ITS division and agency management team members, subordinates, peers throughout state government and customers. The IT Operations Manager oversees a section of thirteen staff and supervises six, four of which are ITS supervisors. As the IT Operations Manager, you will serve as the highest level authority related to policy and process in IT operations management. You will be responsible for planning, directing and coordinating enterprise operational technology services to ensure the stable delivery of the agency's IT resources. Some of these responsibilities include Infrastructure, Database Administration, Release and Configuration Management, Operational System Administration, Desktop Services and Customer Support as well as serving as IT Disaster Recovery Coordinator for LCB.

Responsibilities and Duties

Lead and Manage Technology Professionals

  • Provide direct supervision of infrastructure, configuration and release management, operational system administration, technical customer support and desktop engineering teams, establishing position objectives and expectations.
  • Establish short-term objectives and long-term strategic and technical roadmap; engage staff in collaborative review and finalization of long-term objectives whenever possible.
  • Effectively mentor, train, coach, counsel, and motivate staff to achieve consistently high performance.
  • Ensure that supervised staff have the information, resources, and authority to complete assignments and meet documented expectations.
  • Recognize staff accomplishments that meet division goals.
  • Consistently analyze staff performance against position requirements, applicable policies as well as section standards and practices imposing corrective or disciplinary action when required.
  • Consistently communicate division and agency decisions and priorities to staff, seeking input and feedback whenever possible.
  • Actively seek input from staff, colleagues and subject matter experts during the analysis of solutions that affect staff roles and responsibilities.
  • Cultivate a learning environment to expand staff skills and abilities; design and support training and cross-training plans, ensuring that WSLCB remains a center of excellence and that there are no single points of failure.
  • Foster a culture of continuous process improvement that leverages problem-solving methodologies.

Manage Operational and Architectural Standards

  • Oversee the documentation and implementation of technical designs and standards for infrastructure, configuration and release management, operational system administration, technical customer support and desktop engineering services.
  • Ensure life cycle management standards are designed, documented, communicated and updated on a regular basis.
  • Utilize subject matter expertise and advanced research skills to conduct documented cost, benefit and risk analysis for proposed projects, modifications, acquisitions, policies and/or legislation in a timely manner.
  • Organize and negotiate the allocation of IT resources to ensure the timely delivery of service and identified expectations of the outcome of the project.
  • Coordinate efforts to provide technology solutions using best practices, principles of enterprise architecture and applicable industry standards.
  • Manage the process of triaging incoming project and work requests to ensure courteous, timely, and effective resolution.
  • Prepare budget proposals and operational expenditure statements. Research solutions by utilizing available resources such as other state agencies, vendor whitepapers, or companies that analyze these to make a recommendation with the fiscal request.
  • Manage and set priorities for the design, build, maintenance, and evaluation of all managed systems.
  • Ensure that data is identified and managed according to state and industry security standards.
  • Support requirements-based design by ensuring that end-user and stakeholder business, functional and technical requirements drive builds and configuration

Provide Expert Consultation to Staff, Customers and Executive Management

  • Serve as ITSD customer representative for assigned services. Ensure that all ticket statuses are up to date and that the division can articulate progress on customer prioritized requests. Receive and distribute customer questions and feedback to the appropriate section manager and/or unit staff when required.
  • Serve as the point of escalation for staff and customers to resolve technical problems in areas of expertise.
  • Maintain productive relationships with internal customers, vendors and key stakeholders in order to anticipate and meet service expectations.
  • Analyze existing procedures and technologies to make best-practice recommendations.

Acquisition and Vendor Management

  • Consistently analyze emerging industry and state trends related to infrastructure, configuration and release management, operational system administration, technical customer support and desktop engineering tools, services, protocols, and standards.
  • Coordinate with contracts, procurement, customers and colleagues in the acquisition and maintenance of technologies.
  • Ensure that functional and non-functional requirements have been elicited, documented and approved prior to any procurement.
  • Ensure that comparative cost and risk analysis is completed prior to recommending the renewal or acquisition of technology products and services.
  • Serve as contract manager for assigned contracts.
  • Actively monitor assigned contracts, ensuring that adequate time is given to analyze the need to continue contracts or to replace existing contracted services with new solutions.
  • Monitor and evaluate deliverables submitted by vendors.

Increase knowledge and skills related to technologies and systems

  • Stay current with new/emerging technologies and/or systems.
  • Participate in required and other job related training.
  • Remain current with RCW, WAC changes and new laws, policies, etc. that are applicable to job duties.
  • Provide cross training to fellow team members.

Qualifications and Skills


  • Expert knowledge of IT operational and strategic planning.
  • Expert knowledge of personnel engagement, development and accountability.
  • Expert knowledge of technology contract and vendor management.
  • Expert knowledge of technology policy development and maintenance.
  • Expert written communication skills.
  • Working knowledge of human resource management principles, practices, and procedures.
  • Working knowledge of IT customer service standards and practices including Service Level Agreement development and maintenance.
  • Working knowledge of IT resource management.
  • Working knowledge of IT project management.
  • Awareness of IT security architecture standards.
  • Awareness of infrastructure management standards including standards related to server operations, cloud hosting, and network administration.
  • Awareness of database administration and data management standards.
  • Awareness of configuration and release management standards.
  • Awareness of standards guiding the administration of operational COTS or SaaS solutions such as Microsoft System Center or Visual Studio Team Foundation Server.
  • Awareness of workstation hardware and software architecture, implementation and maintenance standards.
  • Awareness of technical support call center operational standards.


  • Associate's Degree or higher in Computer Science or related field.
  • Five (5) years of experience managing technology professionals.
  • Working knowledge of Washington's budget development, bill analysis and fiscal note analysis processes.

Job Type: Full-time

Salary: $5,920.00 to $7,763.00 /month

Required education:

  • Associate

Required experience:

  • Information Technology: 5 years

How to apply

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