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Lab Tech / Production Technician This person shall comply with all state, local laws and company SOPs, policies, codes of conduct, and emergency and safety procedures. The Lab Technician will be responsible for the consistent, sanitary and safe production of cannabis extracts utilizing company policies to successfully uphold quality and consistency of all products produced.
Duties and Responsibilities:
Set up and operate hydrocarbon extraction equipment (the MEP by ETS)
Basic job related troubleshooting of extraction equipment
Maintain a neat, clean, and compliant work space
Support the manufacturing of Wax, Shatter, Live Resin Products, Distillate, and other products over time
Complete and maintain all records, logs, and paperwork
Meet assigned goals
Perform all assigned cleaning and maintenance
Collect hazardous and non-hazardous waste
Assist management in development projects as assigned
Assess product quality
Willingly share skills and knowledge
Responsible for communicating inventory of job related materials
Plan and lay out work to meet production and schedule requirements with some
Contribute to SOPs, inventory reports, or productivity reports
Communicate production progress and status changes at shift change over
Assist in training for new technicians
Work as part of a team to meet production schedule
Interact with vendors equipment manufacturers as assigned
Communicate when supplies are low
Willingly share skills and knowledge
Uphold HCH LABS culture and mission
Other duties as assigned
Some facilities maintenance as needed
Minimum Qualifications:
21 years of age or older
MED badge (key or occupational license)
A four year degree in a scientific discipline, or relevant work experience is preferred
1 3 years experience operating BHO extraction equipment
Familiar with METRC
Ability to stand for majority of shift
Reliable transportation to/from facility in Denver, CO
Ability to lift 50 pounds on a regular basis, up to 75 pounds occasionally
Ability to work 10 hour shifts
Ability to follow processes and procedures accurately
Ability to understand and communicate job related information clearly and concisely
Ability troubleshoot common occurrences with equipment, equipment, products, and processes
Competitive Salary or Hourly Compensation Offered, Depending on Experience
We are growing! This is a great opportunity to grow personally and professionally in a challenging and rewarding environment!

How to apply

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