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Lab Technician/Lab Analyst Full-Time

Sonoma Lab Works, LLC



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Lab Technician Position Requirements
Necessary background:
STEM major, Chemistry preferred
Relevant coursework: Organic chemistry with associated lab work. Analytical chemistry course with emphasis on instrumentation usage.
Necessary skills:
Must be familiar with Microsoft Office (Excel and Word)
Weighing samples
Handling glassware
Serial dilutions
Pipette usage
Must be able to move compressed gas tanks
Recommended skills and experiences:
Knowledge about cannabis and cannabis products
Rough job outline:
Filling out lab templates and reports
Data entry into Excel spreadsheets
Handling chemicals
Preparing samples for testing
Operating syringes, pipettors, and working in sterile environments
Keeping track of products, samples, test results, and chemical inventory
Proper disposal and handling of chemicals, including proper PPE
Great hourly pay + benefits
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How to apply

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