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Manager of Retail Operations:

As the Manager of Retail Operations, you will be responsible for overseeing at least four dispensary locations and driving store sales. Oversight will require coordination with the individual store managers to ensure employees are properly trained, procedures are in place, staff and facilities are in compliance, inventory management, brand consistency, etc. Likewise, driving sales will require analyzing and achieving certain sales metrics. The ideal Manager of Retail Operations will possess the following qualities:

  • An ability to lead and manage;
  • An understanding of the importance of compliance and a demonstrated ability to adhere to policy and procedure; and,
  • Experience with retail metrics, analytics and salesperson incentives.

You will be working for an established company that is looking to take their retail capabilities to the next level. To work with colleagues on implementation of plans and to be able to evaluate various data tracking measures, you will need to have a solid understanding of Microsoft Excel. Likewise, good written and verbal communication skills are essential. New Mexico has strict product tracking and content testing standards. Compliance and adherence to procedures and policies is critical.


  • Report to Chief Operations Officer.
  • Be professional at all times.
  • Be a leader and champion of company values, mission and culture.
  • Manage store managers.
  • Management of retail analytics platform and sales metrics.
  • Work with the Marketing Manager to ensure brand consistency.
  • Ensure dispensaries are properly staffed.
  • Ensure employees have proper training including work, safety, emergency, compliance, etc.
  • Responsible for data tracking and helping to make decisions to improve safety, security and efficiency.
  • Update, create and implement policies and procedures related to the retail process, security and safety.
  • Prioritize and make recommendations regarding labor, equipment, infrastructure, and supplies based on costs and necessity.
  • Create Excel budgets.
  • Be familiar with and ensure employees adhere to Company policies and the Law.
  • Responsible for keeping Biotrack’s retail tracking and compliance platform up-to-date at all times.
  • Responsible for assisting with audits and inspections.
  • Identify labor needs, make recommendations and help draft job descriptions.
  • Perform employee evaluations, reviews and any disciplinary actions as needed.
  • Conduct regular meetings with store managers to check-in on goal progress.
  • Collaborate closely with the Product Preparation Manager to help determine future product type and availability.
  • Presentations of budgets, plans, department needs, ideas, etc.
  • Communication via email.
  • All other responsibilities that are required of the job as specified by COO.

Job Requirements:

  • You must be able to pass a Federal and NM State background check according to the requirements of NMAC (Note: Please refer to requirements below).
  • Minimum Bachelor’s degree preferably in management, math, operations, finance or accounting.
  • 5+ years of management experience of at least 10 employees, ideally in a retail environment.
  • Good understanding of both the Microsoft Office Suite (i.e., Word, Excel, PowerPoint) as well as Google Products (i.e., Gmail, Calendar, Drive, etc.).
  • Good understanding of a retail analytics platform or system.
  • Experience working with Biotrack or other Enterprise Systems and/or compliance software.
  • Ability to write an outline of an operating procedure.
  • Understanding of New Mexico laws or exhibit an ability to learn State laws.
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills.
  • Experience with compliance responsibilities are plus.
  • Knowledge of workplace safety and security is a plus.


Disqualifying convictions: Individuals convicted of a felony violation of Section 30-31-20 (trafficking of a controlled substance); 30-31-21 (distributing a controlled substance to a minor); 30-31-22 NMSA 1978 (distributing a controlled substance); or a violation of any equivalent federal statute or equivalent statute from any other jurisdiction, shall be prohibited from participating or being associated with either a non-profit producer licensed under this rule, an approved laboratory, an approved manufacturer, or an approved courier. If an individual has been convicted of a felony violation of the NM Controlled Substances Act other than Sections 30-31-20 through 30-31-22 NMSA 1978, or has been convicted of any equivalent federal statute or equivalent statute from any other jurisdiction, and the final completion of the entirety of the associated sentence of such conviction has been less than five years from the date of the individual’s anticipated association with the production facility, then the individual shall be prohibited from serving on the board of a licensed non-profit producer, or working for the licensed producer, or approved entity. An individual who is disqualified shall be notified of his or her disqualification. If an individual has been convicted of more than one felony violation of the above-cited sections of the NM Controlled Substances Act or an equivalent federal statute or equivalent statute from any other jurisdiction, the individual shall be notified that he or she is permanently prohibited from participating or being associated with a licensed non-profit producer, approved manufacturer, approved laboratory, or approved courier. Any violation of this subsection shall result in the immediate revocation of any privilege granted under this rule and the act.

Short-answer questions:

  • Can you pass a Federal and State background check according to the requirements of NMAC (Note: please refer requirements below).

Job Type: Full-time

Salary: $50,000.00 to $60,000.00 /year

Required experience:

  • management: 5 years

Required education:

  • Bachelor's

Job Location:

  • Santa Fe, NM

How to apply

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US New Mexico Santa Fe