We now provide credit and debit card
processing for Cannabis & Crypto currency mining,
trading platforms, wallets and ICO’s…


Become an 'INDEPENDENT MARIJUANA MERCHANT PROVIDER!!!'Chase Card Services is 'The Industry Leading Marijuana Merchant Provider' . As a Marijuana Merchant Provider you must Pre-Qualify for the Merchant Services offered including Marijuana credit card processing; point of banking services including pre-Qual Money Gram and/or Western Union to debit reload cards.ALL YOU NEED TO BE A PRE-QUALIFIED MARIJUANA MERCHANT PROVIDER is PROOF OF (3) BANK HISTORY!!! THAT'S ALL THE POINT OF BANKING SERVICES AGENCY REQUIRES!!!We have an ISO/agent program commission structure with dispensary companies who have POS/CARD PROCESSING need. Currently, dispensaries who have processing needs are only limited to ATMs. NOW, YOU CAN BE THE POINT OF BANKING TO DISPENSARIES!!!When you qualify for a POS terminals or credit/debit distributorship every time a customer swipes his or her credit/debit on your POINT OF SALE system YOU GET A USER FEE (usually $0.05) is credited to YOUR BANK ACCOUNT!! EVERY MONEY ORDER SOLD at the dispensary YOU GET A USER FEE!!!Chase Card Services offers ecommerce processing solutions to Marijuana Industry thru REFERALS OF INDEPENDENT AGENTS LIKE YOU!!! Including credit card processing, ACH processing, and online payment gateways. Chase Card Services offers HOURLY/COMMISSIONpay structure. Once you Prequalify as a legitimate merchant provider you will be hired at $12 an our plus $500 per company (plus terminal fees) that signs with you as there independent agent!Job Types: Full-time, ContractSalary: $2,000.00 to $6,500.00 /monthExperience:Customer Service: 3 years

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