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Operations Manager

The Operations Manager ensures the daily effectiveness of the operations of the campus by scheduling, maintaining, cleaning, leading, and communicating to all the users of the facilities effectively. FacilitiesEventsStudent Workers (custodial, landscaping, events & courtesy/front desk). Facilities custodial/landscaping, maintenance, supplies, security, parking, practice rooms Events (Internal & External)

Position Description

  • Maintain close contact with staff with regards to office supply needs, order office and bathroom supplies, maintain office supply stock, and report to the VP of Business any systemic needs and approved expenditures.

Coordinate facility repairs or requests within or with facility owner for rapid response.

  • Ensure systems are in place for building unlock and lock daily, reporting any irregularities and problem-solving them. Maintain key rings.
  • Maintain a clean work environment through supervision of janitorial staff or coordination of teams, as required. Maintain clear systems for keeping building and equipment presentable and report problems daily.
  • Assist with Events through cooperation with VP Team, the Event Coordinator and all Staff.
  • Assist the VP of Business with quick, accurate, and clear communication within the college community and to the community at large.
  • Support VP Team in event coordination, supply purchasing, fleet, and building maintenance.
  • Support Information Technology Support Worker in all aspects of information technology for the college.
  • Overall goal is to accomplish in daily and long terms tasks for the cleaning, scheduling and maintenance of the building. Manage/train student workers to accomplish the following:
  • Coordinate a Cleaning Team of Student Workers who will - Clean hallways, bathrooms, classrooms, offices, auditorium, atrium, basement + 5th floor, as well as Student Studios building, regularly and as needed. Cleaning includes but not limited too wiping down tables, organizing the area, vacuuming, disinfecting, mopping, glass, removing stains, trash and food, restocking bathrooms supplies, deep cleaning, and long term building maintenance. Up to 20hrs a week with Student Workers help and follows and strict cleaning schedule. Various on time due to event clean up, and condition of area.
  • Maintain the equipment in 200 Madison and Student Studios which may consist of labeling, organizing, or discarding of equipment and supplies.
  • Assist VP of Advancement and President with Events through meetings, phone calls, emails, setup and tear down of equipment, managing school calendar, and event forms.
  • Assist Faculty with school concerts, events, classroom arrangements and senior recitals through meeting, email, and calendar management.
  • Order janitorial and office supplies for whole campus. Staff request items from Yueltide Office Company, Amazon, CPI, and Home Depot. Orders are placed every Thursday at 2pm and usually arrive the following week. This requires the Operations Manager to be aware of all supplies is the building to make orders accordingly, then delivers or stocks items are they arrive.
  • Maintain parking lot, flower beds, driveway by utilizing students workers and daily attention. Tasks include trash removal, weed pulling, sweeping.
  • Call and meet with and repair vendors with Heating/Cooling systems, landscaping, electrical, towing, I.T., elevators, pest control, and various other maintenance vendors (once a month for both buildings).
  • Oversee parking lot usage through approved window stickers for Staff and Commuting Students, visitors, and gives warnings or tows unapproved vehicles.
  • Schedule maintenance of air filters, water tower, fire sprinkler testing, water meter readings, and school vans.
  • Create and revise docs for student worker job descriptions, office and facility signage, and events.
  • Repair damage to paint, walls, chairs, tables etc attained throughout the school year.
  • Ensure that Front Desk operations are covered, including mail sort/delivery, answer phones, sign in guests, answer general questions about the school, manage the signing out of vans by staff, manage the signing out of practice rooms by students, security/access control management, staff/student ID design, printing, activation
  • Advancement Events print invites, stuff envelopes, create, print, and stick labels, stamp and send, make errand runs if any issues arise, graphic design for marketing materials.
  • Admissions Events general help for Director of Admissions, drive groups of people around in vans and give building/dorm tours.
  • Academic Events general help for academic events.
  • _Manage student worker scholarship program, coordinate between the students and their

supervisors to make sure the students are fulfilling their hours, and that they are being treated well by their supervisors. Arrange for VP of Business to meet weekly with all the student workers as a group to go through a book together and engage in intentional discipleship.

All Faculty and Staff at Visible Music College will:

  • Develop student growth through artistic, spiritual, and academic formation.
  • Attend and participate in staff meetings, as well as any curricular or cocurricular evaluation meetings.
  • Attend and participate in various events representing the college, including orientation week, retreats, staff development programs, receptions, fundraisers, and commencement.
  • Attend weekly worship services and other community events.
  • This position may include other duties incumbent upon the position as directed by the Vice President of Business.


The Operations Manager is accountable to the Vice President of Business.


This position is accountable to the Vice President of Business and evaluated annually.

Job Type: Part-time

How to apply

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