We now provide credit and debit card
processing for Cannabis & Crypto currency mining,
trading platforms, wallets and ICO’s…


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We are adding dedicated, organized, and hardworking individuals to our team our company is behind Californias #1 Selling Pre-Roll. We are leading the way in organic flower and social change within the Cannabis industry
Product Manufacturing Job Description:
Develops and improves manufacturing processes by studying product and manufacturing methods. Support brand in the roll out of new product lines. Helps to implement strong SOPs and Quality Assurance programs while adhering to state compliance requirements.
General Duties Include:
Evaluates manufacturing processes by designing and conducting research and trials; applying knowledge of product design, assembly, and materials; conferring with equipment vendors; soliciting observations from operators.
Develops manufacturing processes by studying product requirements; researching, designing, modifying, and testing manufacturing methods and equipment.
Improves manufacturing efficiency by analyzing and planning work flow, space requirements, and equipment layout.
Assures product and process quality assurance by designing testing methods; testing finished- product and process capabilities; establishing standards; confirming manufacturing processes at scale.
Provides manufacturing decision-making information by calculating production, labor, and material costs; reviewing production schedules; estimating future requirements.
Maintains product and company reputation by complying with government regulations.
Keeps equipment operational by coordinating maintenance and repair services; following manufacturers instructions and established procedures; requesting special service.
Maintains product and process data base for tracking and entering data.
Completes New Products and/or Development Projects by training and guiding technicians.
Works with Executive creative team for roll out of new product lines.
Implements SOPs and quality assurance programs; along with training guides and technical manuals.

How to apply

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