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9 reasons to write for HealthMJ

HealthMJ provides interesting and actionable health information about marijuana for medical patients. We are recruiting writers and a marketing* intern. Positions are unpaid. 

Here are 8 reasons why you should apply right now:

#1 You are in college or in between careers, and want your next job to be in journalism, copywriting, marketing, or at a startup.

#2 You want a fully educational experience and to learn things rarely taught in college.

#3 You want to impress future employers with several published items designed to maximize reader engagement.

#4 You have an interest in healthcare first and cannabis second.

#5 You like genuinely helping people.

#6 You read quickly and can pull relevant details out of dense medical studies.

#7 You’d like exposure to the rapidly growing legal marijuana industry.

#8 You want to be part of something new, exciting, and world changing. 

#9 You think you have what it takes to fill a leadership role at HealthMJ, should one become available.  

How to apply

Contact Us!