Frontier Airlines is committed to offering ‘Low Fares Done Right’ to more than 60 destinations in the United States, Dominican Republic, and Mexico on more than 270 daily flights. Headquartered in Denver, Frontier’s hard-working aviation professionals pride themselves in delivering the company’s signature Rocky Mountain hospitality to customers. Frontier Airlines is the proud recipient of the Federal Aviation Administration’s 2015 Diamond Award for maintenance excellence and was recently named the industry’s most fuel-efficient airline by The International Council on Clean Transportation (ICCT) as a result of superior technology and operational efficiencies.

The Stations Regional Supv is a key informational and operational liaison for all Frontier Airlines departments and multiple cities, both seasonal and year-round, in countries served by the airline.  The Stations Regional Supv will be the primary Frontier Airlines representative to both the airport and business partner for the stations within their region. This position ensures operational integrity for daily operations and oversees seasonal openings and closing of locations. Working closely with the Stations Regional Mgrs, as well as the Sr Director, Airport Operations, the Director, Stations, and other Frontier department directors, this position performs a key leadership function.  The Stations Regional Supv reports directly to a Stations Regional Manager or Stations City Manager, and has regular interaction with the officers and directors at Frontier Airlines.

– Be a champion for safety through accountability, awareness and communication. Ensure that all employees, direct and business partner, understand the importance of safety and require that they conduct themselves in manner that reflects this value and enhances the level of safety of the company.

– Develop and manage operational budgets with accuracy.  Continuously strive to lower or maintain already low costs to better the company’s position as an Ultra-Low Cost Carrier.

– Interact with the officers and directors of the company on a consistent basis. Collaborate with senior management to provide strategic and operational planning input for the Customer Service Division, as well as the company.  Report progress and results to senior management on a regular basis to keep them informed about the status of the operation and initiatives that are being undertaken.

- Ensure compliance with all airline and government agency regulations and protocols. Monitor compliance to all FAA safety-related, and TSA security-related regulations. Establish sound working relationships with FAA, TSA, Customs, Immigrations, airport authorities, business partners, etc., and providing oversight of all services for the cities in the region.  Ensure all international requirements are met and complied with, working with CBP and governments where necessary to procure rights and slots.

– Keep an open mind to new ideas and ways of conducting business, while focusing on the company’s goals and business plan. Foster an environment where employee suggestions are vetted and implemented when in line with the company’s direction.

– Be a willing, motivational leader who seeks out opportunities to get in front of employees and business partner employees and business partner leadership to establish excellent two-way communication and manage the flow of correspondence to and from the stations.  Be a role model for others to follow.  Guide business partners as they lead the day-to-day operations of their stations.

- Be available anytime during station operations.  This includes, but is not limited to phone calls, texts, and email responses in real time.

– Can interpret and pull reports from the multiple company reporting platforms.  This would be shared with your stations to ensure maxim improvement in operations.

- Ensure each city in the region is lead by motivated, energetic, polished, professional business managers and supervisors who focus on safety, communication, employee satisfaction, fiscal performance, operational integrity and common sense.

- identify successes and seek ways to recognize superior performance while ensuring high standards for performance are set and maintained.

- Ensure an equally high standard is set regarding the appearance of our business partners, facilities and equipment.

- Manage the contractual requirements of the stations, ensuring that the local management is adhering to the standards set.  Monitor compliance with all training, safety, financial and operational goals, ensuring that business partners understand and perform to the level of expectation and operational excellence defined by the company.

- Assist in the assessment, justification, implementation, and performance of technology to make our stations as efficient as possible, working with the Information Technologies division (IT).

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