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Our Site: Sharp Solutions

Sharp Solutions is a premier Colorado wholesale and transport company for Cannabis products. We are currently on the search for new drivers. Specifically, we need drivers located around the state and outside of the Denver area.
As a driver for Sharp Solutions, you will find yourself traveling all over the state hauling products to cannabis facilities! As it currently stands this job would be a part-time job where you can pick your hours! However, if your a go getter and looking to make more of this opportunity, Sharp Solutions is ultimately looking to select some of our most outstanding part-timers and get them on full time. This will eventually lead to the use of company vehicles
-Reliable and responsible
-Attention to detail
-Reliable Vehicle with decent gas mileage
-Insurance on vehicle
-Valid License
-Up to date Badge
-Enjoy long road trips
-Have flexible hours
-Have good customer service skills
-Have experience in the delivery field
-Have extensive experience in the MMJ industry (key badge)
-Willing to make sacrifices for the better of the company.
-Financially Stable Sharp Solutions is a startup. It may be a benefit to you for this job to not be your sole source of income, as work from us may or may not be consistent (for the time being).

How to apply

contact us!!!